Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund

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    Has the Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund had any direct exposure to Silicon Valley Bank or Signature Bank during the current quarter?


    How much of the Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund is invested in regional banks?

    As of this writing (March 14, 2023), the Fund does not have any investments in regional banks, nor has it at any point thus far this quarter.


    Eagle Asset Management, Inc. is the subadviser to the Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund and an affiliate of Carillon Tower Advisers, Inc. the Investment Adviser.

    Our managers seek to invest in companies with above-average growth potential, both emerging and more established companies that may be undiscovered or undervalued in the market.

    Investment Process

    The fund's portfolio managers go to great lengths to uncover information about the companies they select. Before investing in companies for the portfolio, management and/or research analysts frequently:

    • Meet the company's management, evaluate their roles and capabilities, review the company's policies and procedures and consider other factors that may affect its success
    • Look for companies with a positive catalyst for growth, such as a new product, acquisition, divestiture, restructuring or change in the marketplace
    • The portfolio managers focus primarily on stocks with a market capitalization at time of purchase below the ceiling established by the Russell Midcap Growth Index

    A Word about Risk

    Investments in mid-cap and small-cap companies generally involve greater risks than investing in larger capitalization companies. Mid-cap companies often have narrower commercial markets, more limited managerial and financial resources, and more volatile trading than larger, more established companies.

    Growth companies are expected to increase their earnings at a certain rate. When these expectations are not met, investors may punish the stocks excessively, even if earnings showed an absolute increase. Growth company stocks also typically lack the dividend yield that can cushion stock prices in market downturns. The companies engaged in the technology industry are subject to fierce competition and their products and services may be subject to rapid obsolescence. The values of these companies tend to fluctuate sharply.
  • Investment Team

    Eric Mintz

    Eric Mintz, CFA

    Managing Director, Portfolio Manager

    28 Years Of Industry Experience

    18 Years With Eagle Asset Management

    Chris Sassouni

    Christopher Sassouni, D.M.D.

    Portfolio Manager

    33 Years Of Industry Experience

    20 Years With Eagle Asset Management

    David Cavanaugh

    David Cavanaugh

    Portfolio Manager

    27 Years Of Industry Experience

    6 Years With Eagle Asset Management

    Adam Gallina

    Adam Gallina, CFA

    Senior Research Analyst

    23 Years Of Industry Experience

    16 Years With Eagle Asset Management

    Andrew Adebonojo

    Andrew Adebonojo, CFA

    Senior Research Analyst

    31 Years Of Industry Experience

    12 Years With Eagle Asset Management

    Tariq A Siddiqi

    Tariq Siddiqi, CFA

    Senior Research Analyst

    20 Years Of Industry Experience

    11 Years With Eagle Asset Management

    Carillon Tower Advisers is the investment adviser for the Carillon Family of Funds and Eagle Asset Management is the subadviser to the Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund. Carillon Fund Distributors is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eagle Asset Management and Eagle Asset Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of Carillon Tower Advisers. All entities named are affiliates.

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