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The latest commentary on factors affecting the markets and investors’ portfolios

Another Hawkish Pause

With a more hawkish tone from the Fed

Markets in Focus

Timely analysis of market moves and sectors of opportunity

Fed Cycles and Recessions

While every recession is different, the timing of Fed interest rate hikes and cuts bears watching.

Four things to remember in 2023

It may be premature to declare that the Fed has engineered a "soft landing."

The Markets in Focus Podcast

Discussions focused on the latest trends and developments driving the markets.

The case for dividend payers

Potential long-term benefits for both income- and growth-oriented investors

Interest rates rise rapidly

What it means for investors

Why not China?

An economic superpower with growing challenges.

Fed Policy and the Markets

Implications for investors

Beyond the Biggest Names

Opportunities in small- and mid-cap stocks

Why Dividend Growth Matters

Income generation. Defense against risk. Inflation protection.

May | Cougar Global Viewpoints

Central banks and the enduring demand for gold

The Fed Pauses

So where should fixed income investors look next?

Cougar Global Viewpoints

How commercial real estate may challenge regional banks

Technology Advancements

Scout Investments discusses how it sees transformational technology advancements helping to drive strong investment returns.

Looking ahead

The Reams Asset Management looks ahead at the investment opportunities and challenges in 2023 in this annual outlook piece.

Healthcare and Aging Demographics

Scout Investments discusses how healthcare and demographic developments can play a vital role in driving strong returns.

Bonds hit an inflection point

“The script has flipped,” says James Camp, CFA, creating alternatives for income investors.

Investing in the wake of Silicon Valley Bank

Yes, banks face challenges, but don’t expect the contagion of bank runs to spread.

International Equities:

Now Why Would I Do That?

2022 Annual Review and 2023 Outlook

Expect familiar themes to persist

Eagle Vermont Investment Team

From Theory to Practice
ESG Investing in U.S. Small-Cap Stocks

Sustainable Investing

Sorting out the facts vs. myths of environmental, social, and governance based investing

U.S. Small Cap with a Value Tilt

Three Good Reasons with a Side of The Simpsons: Exxxxcelllent

Quarterly Commentary

A snapshot of market happenings, a review of the portfolios and an outlook from Raymond James Investment Management affiliates.


Raymond James Investment Management and its affiliates offer in-depth perspectives about investment-related themes to aid our clients’ understanding.

ESG–Focused Investing In U.S. Electric Utilities

In our view, the electric utility sector should not be avoided by long-term ESG investors.

Beyond the Biggest Names

Opportunities in small- and mid-cap stocks

SMA or Mutual Fund?

Discover why high-net-worth investors may opt for separately managed accounts.