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The latest commentary on factors affecting the markets and investors’ portfolios

2024 mid-year outlook

Diversification opportunities ahead.

Income investing in uncertain markets

Why flexible income strategies provide a bedrock for income-oriented investors

More forecast uncertainty is all but certain

So stay flexible.

Small caps are not a monolith

Under the surface: Hidden-gem opportunities

This is not your father’s index

Q&A with Matt Orton, CFA

The war front with China

Already, economic skirmishes are underway.

Duration Risk: Then vs. Now

Why it’s different in this new environment.

Portfolio managers look ahead

Investment opportunities in a falling rate environment

A U.S. productivity surge:

What’s causing it, and will it endure?

Cash is so last year

As rates fall, decisions abound — and timing matters.

Trends in fixed income

Fed policy and long-duration investing.

Stocks in a falling rate environment

Think small caps and dividend payers.

Long-duration bonds

Falling rates drive rising opportunities.

Technology drives growth

From artificial intelligence to cloud services, technology advancements are driving economic growth.

What drives economic growth?

Demographics and healthcare innovations are high on the list.

Does boring also mean reliable?

The unemployment rate is a lagging economic indicator, but it has yet to be wrong.

2024 Outlook

Opportunity on the horizon, but it won’t be easy.

Markets in Focus

Timely analysis of market moves and sectors of opportunity

What could go wrong in 2024?

A number of factors already have been baked into asset prices in the United States.

Tax-equivalent yield

Tax-exempt income can be an important advantage for municipal bonds.

A broken indicator?

19 months of recession predictions, but no recession. (Yet.)

The Markets in Focus Podcast

Discussions focused on the latest trends and developments driving the markets.

Bonds at a discount: The taxable bond market

With high interest rates, low coupon-paying bonds may offer increased yield potential.

Opportunities in fixed income

Duration bonds for long-term investors

Implications of the ballooning U.S. budget deficit

The U.S. budget deficit and federal debt are expected to grow continuously.

Fed Cycles and Recessions

While every recession is different, the timing of Fed interest rate hikes and cuts bears watching.

The case for dividend payers

Potential long-term benefits for both income- and growth-oriented investors

Bonds hit an inflection point

“The script has flipped,” says James Camp, CFA, creating alternatives for income investors.

Eagle Vermont Investment Team

From Theory to Practice
ESG Investing in U.S. Small-Cap Stocks

Sustainable Investing

Sorting out the facts vs. myths of environmental, social, and governance based investing

Quarterly Commentary

A snapshot of market happenings, a review of the portfolios and an outlook from Raymond James Investment Management affiliates.


Raymond James Investment Management and its affiliates offer in-depth perspectives about investment-related themes to aid our clients’ understanding.

The Growth Opportunity in Artificial Intelligence

An ‘exoskeleton for the mind’ that’s poised to transform work and the investment landscape.

Investing Around the Peak of the Cycle

Real rates, the yield curve, and recession

SMA or Mutual Fund?

Discover why high-net-worth investors may opt for separately managed accounts.