Carillon Reams Unconstrained Bond Fund

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    Scout Investments, Inc. is the subadviser to the Carillon Reams Unconstrained Bond Fund and an affiliate of Carillon Tower Advisers, Inc. the Investment Adviser.

    The Carillon Reams Unconstrained Bond Fund pursues its objective of maximizing total return consistent with the preservation of capital by investing its assets in fixed-income obligations of varying maturities, including bonds, mortgage- and asset-backed securities, and derivatives. The Fund also may invest in high yield securities, non-investment-grade securities, derivative instruments (e.g. swap agreements), securities denominated in foreign currencies, and in U.S. dollar-denominated securities of foreign issuers.

    Investment Process

    The Fund seeks to maximize total return by systematically pursuing relative value opportunities in all sectors of the fixed-income market. The firm’s disciplined investment philosophy and process are used to identify and evaluate relative value opportunities, and the “best ideas” are selected for use. Derivative instruments, such as futures, options and credit default swaps, may be used to gain exposure and manage risk. Given its strategy, the Fund is not managed against a benchmark.

    A Word about Risk

    The Fund employs an unconstrained investment approach which creates considerable exposure to certain types of securities that present significant volatility in the Fund’s performance, particularly over short periods of time. The return of principal in a fixed income fund is not guaranteed. Fixed income funds have the same interest rate, inflation, issuer, maturity and credit risks that are associated with underlying fixed income securities owned by the Fund.

    Foreign investments present additional risks due to currency fluctuations, economic and political factors, government regulations, differences in accounting standards and other factors. Investments in emerging markets involve even greater risks.

    Mortgage- and Asset-Backed Securities are subject to prepayment risk and the risk of default on the underlying mortgages or other assets.

    High-yield securities involve greater risk than investment grade securities and tend to be more sensitive to economic conditions and credit risk.

    Derivatives such as options, futures contracts, currency forwards or swap agreements may involve greater risks than if the Fund invested in the referenced obligation directly. Derivatives are subject to risks such as market risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk, credit risk and management risk. Derivative investments could lose more than the principal amount invested. The Fund may use derivatives for hedging purposes or as part of its investment strategy. The use of leverage, derivatives, and short sales could accelerate losses to the fund. These losses could exceed the amount originally invested.

    The Fund may, at times, experience higher-than-average portfolio turnover, which may generate significant taxable gains and increased trading expenses, which, in turn, may lower the Fund’s return.

    Short-sale risk includes the potential loss of more money than the actual cost of the investment, and the risk that the third party to the short sale may fail to honor its contract terms, causing a loss to the fund.

    Key Facts

  • Investment Team

    Mark Egan

    Mark Egan, CFA

    Lead Portfolio Manager

    36 Years Of Industry Experience

    32 Years With Reams Asset Management

    Clark Holland, CFA

    Clark Holland, CFA

    Portfolio Co-Manager

    28 Years Of Industry Experience

    19 Years With Reams Asset Management

    Todd Thompson

    Todd Thompson, CFA

    Portfolio Co-Manager

    28 Years Of Industry Experience

    21 Years With Reams Asset Management

    Jason Hoyer, CFA

    Jason Hoyer, CFA

    Portfolio Co-Manager

    19 Years Of Industry Experience

    7 Years With Reams Asset Management

    Dimitri Silva, CFA

    Dimitri Silva, CFA

    Portfolio Co-Manager

    15 Years Of Industry Experience

    Joined Reams Asset Management in 2021

    Carillon Tower Advisers is the investment adviser for the Carillon Family of Funds and Scout Investments is the subadviser to the Carillon Reams Unconstrained Bond Fund. Reams Asset Management is a division of Scout Investments. Scout Investments is a wholly owned subsidiary of Carillon Tower Advisers. Carillon Fund Distributors is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eagle Asset Management (a subadviser to certain of the Carillon Family of Funds) and Eagle Asset Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of Carillon Tower Advisers. All entities named are affiliates.

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