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    Has the Carillon Scout Mid Cap Fund had any direct exposure to Silicon Valley Bank or Signature Bank during the current quarter?

    As of the open on March 9, 2023, the Fund had a 0.53% allocation to Silicon Valley Bank. It has not had any exposure in the current quarter to Signature Bank.

    What actions did fund managers take upon finding out about the issues?

    The managers sold all but 0.07 percent of the position the morning of Friday, March 10.

    How much of the Carillon Scout Mid Cap Fund is invested in regional banks?

    As of this writing (March 14, 2023), the Fund has a 2.12% allocation to regional banks (versus the benchmark Russell Midcap® Index’s weight of 2.23%), including the 0.07 percent of Silicon Valley Bank stock. Those shares have a value of $0 since regulators shuttered the bank March 10.


    Scout Investments, Inc. is the subadviser to the Carillon Scout Mid Cap Fund and an affiliate of Carillon Tower Advisers, Inc. the Investment Adviser.

    The Scout Mid Cap Fund seeks long-term growth of capital while aiming to consistently outperform the Russell Midcap® Index throughout a full market cycle (three to five years) with less than commensurate risk.

    We believe actively managing a portfolio of attractively valued, high-quality mid-cap companies which we expect to benefit from company specific or macro catalysts, can generate superior long-term risk-adjusted relative performance.

    Investment Process

    The Fund invests in a diversified portfolio consisting primarily of equity securities of mid-cap companies. Equity securities include common stocks, preferred stocks, securities (convertible or exchangeable into common stocks), rights, warrants and real estate investment trusts (REITs). The Fund normally invests at least 80% of its net assets in mid-cap equity securities. Mid-cap equity securities are securities issued by companies with market capitalizations within the range of the largest and smallest companies in the Russell Midcap® Index at the time of purchase.

    A Word about Risk

    Mid-cap and small-cap stocks may temporarily fall out of favor or perform poorly relative to other types of investments. While stocks of mid-cap companies may be slightly less volatile than those of small-cap companies, they still involve substantial risk.

    Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) may be affected by economic conditions including credit risk, interest rate risk and other factors that affect property values, rents or occupancies of real estate.

    Foreign investments present additional risks due to currency fluctuations, economic and political factors, government regulations, differences in accounting standards and other factors. Investments in emerging markets involve even greater risks.

    Groups of stocks, such as value and growth, go in and out of favor, which may cause certain funds to underperform other equity funds.

    The Fund may, at times, experience higher-than-average portfolio turnover, which may generate significant taxable gains and increased trading expenses, which, in turn, may lower the Fund’s return.

    Investments in the securities of other investment companies, including money market funds and exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) (which may, in turn invest in equities, bonds, and other financial vehicles), may involve duplication of advisory fees and certain other expenses.

  • Investment Team

    Pat Dunkerley

    Patrick Dunkerley, CFA

    Lead Portfolio Manager

    29 Years Of Industry Experience

    17 Years With Scout Investments

    John Indellicate

    John Indellicate, CFA

    Portfolio Co-Manager

    19 Years Of Industry Experience

    19 Years With Scout Investments

    Derek Smashey

    Derek Smashey, CFA

    Portfolio Co-Manager

    19 Years Of Industry Experience

    17 Years With Scout Investments

    Jason Votruba

    Jason Votruba, CFA

    Portfolio Co-Manager

    25 Years Of Industry Experience

    21 Years With Scout Investments

    Eric Chenoweth, CFA

    Eric Chenoweth, CFA

    Senior Investment Analyst

    23 Years Of Industry Experience

    12 Years With Scout Investments

    Carillon Tower Advisers is the investment adviser for the Carillon Family of Funds and Scout Investments is the subadviser to the Carillon Scout Mid Cap Fund. Scout Investments is a wholly owned subsidiary of Carillon Tower Advisers. Carillon Fund Distributors is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eagle Asset Management (a sub-adviser to certain of the Carillon Family of Funds) and Eagle Asset Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of Carillon Tower Advisers. All entities named are affiliates.

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